A new Brain Injury Is Like The Color Blue

A new Brain Injury Is Like The Color Blue

Might be I'm special. Not several people can say just what I easily can. Our life is split directly into two experiences of character. I was one person upwards to the age regarding 44. Then a various person overtook to inhabit my consciousness or what we refer to because 'self. " Let myself explain.

Blue has usually been my favorite shade. Everybody knows the colour blue, right? Maybe not necessarily.

If someone were aesthetically impaired or blind since birth, they may possess no clue what shade is at all, never mind the actual color of blue. And, for almost all we know, what one person sees as blue might be another person's red. When we learned our colours from our parents plus teachers, they pointed in order to a color and stated "this is blue. " Whatever color you noticed at the area these people pointed to is today known to you because "blue. " Maybe, what I see as reddish you call blue. Possibly our brains don't translate these color impulses the same and you have the totally different color-scape compared to I do with colours I couldn't even start to recognize.

What if we all just try to identify it. The colour blue. In order to describe a color without having using color as a new point of reference is impossible. "It's blue, such as the sky! " Well, if you can't start to see the sky, that description would not be at all useful.

Trying to explain something to someone requires a frequent point of reference to base your explanation about. Without that, we are not able to communicate a thought, concept or situation. Can a new color be described in order to someone who cannot observe, an aroma to somebody who cannot smell or a sound to someone who else cannot hear?

Which brings me to my point. Since diagnosed with a human brain tumor in 1999, I have found there is no way to explain my deficits or the effects associated with the changes within my mind to someone who offers not experienced changes within their brain. Having a new "new brain" is much from anything most individuals experience. The only folks who truly understand usually are the ones who live with it themselves. The "insiders". In addition to, even for us, the experiences are usually quite special due to the intricacy of the brain by itself.

As hard as the friends, family and significant other folks try, they may never really be able to know. To them, it is something that happens in certain events or locations or while wanting to do something in particular. To be able to us, it never goes away. Put into effect it along with us wherever we proceed. We don't forget that because it is component of us. It truly is that we now are. It is just a reality that we come to be 'accustomed' to or learn to accept.

This is usually not a pity party. In fact, I possess learned many positive classes from this experience. Regarding me, it is the brain injury; for a person else, it is getting an amputee, someone otherwise, losing a child -- everyone has, as they say, a torch to be able to bear. As much because we want to empathize and understand what other people are experiencing, we have got to accept the limitations of our own abilities to perform so.

I believe receiving the fact that people can not completely realize is critical for real acceptance of our scenario, whatever that may be. For me personally, it is time in order to stop trying to describe. Time to let go of the frustration that arises by the repeated lost attempts to explain the reason why I behave the approach I do, why I require certain modifications to our environment and why I react the way I actually do.

This realization is really a new comer to me. I was sharing it for other folks in the same or even similar situation because I seriously believe this is a new key element to total healing... not worrying so much about others knowing. Somehow, this realization is fairly liberating for me.

I write this because I know I am not by yourself. After 19 a lot of this particular being my reality, plus after 19 years associated with looking to get those around me to understand, I am preventing. How can I expect someone to truly know without any point of individual reference to base their particular understanding on?

It truly is like trying to describe the colour blue to someone. It merely requires can't be done.

I have liberated myself. We hope I have helped to liberate at minimum one other in typically the process.

Patricia Rose, R. N. is a outdated nurse epidemiologist who specific in pediatric AIDS research. She is a breasts cancer and brain growth survivor. After truly knowing her own mortality, she has learned much about herself, others, the miracle of life itself and the importance of cherishing each moment. She is usually Buddhist and is a good avid mindfulness proponent. The girl has spoken as an inspirational speaker at human brain tumor conferences and in Harvard Medical School.

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