Best tech blogs to look out for 2020

Best tech blogs to look out for 2020

 Best tech blogs to look out for 2020

In addition to providing readers with high-quality, clear content they also seek to be educational. 


This technology blog features news, opinions, comments, and reports on the new Android and IOS OS platforms.

they inform and update their audience base on new startups, the latest technology news and trends, and all other general updates in the technology space. They have various subsections for phones, Internet and data, site reviews, mobile apps, and a blog.

A vision of reporting technology led Moses Dzarmah to start Techslize. 


TechCity is a Nigerian niche of reviews and news from technology news across Nigeria. They do this through their blog page and online videos hosted on YouTube. It is also a professional IT company that provides various services related to INFORMATIC SERVICES pragmatic approach.

Tech-City focuses on providing a complete solution from design to project completion.

They also provide services such as website design and development, seeds (search engine optimization), application development (web and desktop software) and bpo (outsourcing of business processes).


Naijatechguide is a technology site primarily for phone reviews, comparisons and specifications. If you are a fan of technology looking for phones and gadgets; When searching for phones in search engines, you must have stumbled on this site.

It is said that Naijatechguide is the first blog to make millions from associated ads from Congo and Jumie. Founded by Pascal Okafor in 2006, the blog is now owned by The Huffington Post . The audience base consists mainly of buyers of technological equipment.


We provide detailed reports on Telcom technology gadgets to our audience in the purest form, smart phones and simple hacks. It has impartial control, if you think otherwise, you can look at it for yourself

Kebale Technology 

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